If your product images are stored in Salsify, use this option to publish your images directly to Label Insight via a new Readiness Report Channel in Salsify.

  1. Create new Label Insight Readiness Report Channel in Salsify

  2. Enter your Salsify Organization ID and email address for notifications on this page:


  • Product images published from Salsify must meet Label Insight Image Requirements
  • Label Insight Readiness Report Channel must be set up in Salsify first
  • Salsify Organization ID must start with “s-”
  • Characters in ID must be separated by dashes
  • Including dashes, ID must have 37 characters
  • e.g., s-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • A valid email address must be provided for Salsify notifications

Why does Label Insight need my Salsify Organization ID?

We will associate the entered Salsify Organization ID with your Label Insight account. Providing this ID does not give Label Insight access to your Salsify account, and is only used to identify your publishes from Salsify.

How do I find my Salsify Organization ID?

To find your Salsify Organization ID, access your Salsify account and copy the string beginning with s- from the URL path, immediately following /orgs/, ending before the next /.


How is my email address used?

When Label Insight receives publishes from Salsify, we will send an automated email notification summarizing the products received.


Having trouble?

Ran into a snag, reach out using the Contact Us link above!