The Configurable Data API delivers on-package and enriched product data to Label Insight customers.

Configurations and Product Types

The list of products and the attributes returned for each product is controlled through a unique API configuration. Each configuration is tied to a single Product Type/Category (ex: Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Pet Food). The data available per product varies by Product Type due to industry regulations and other factors. By limiting each API configuration to a single Product Type, Label Insight can guarantee what the response data will look like and prevent customers from having to write additional logic to parse the data.


We have a 10MB response size limit per API request. You may need to decrease your page sizes to avoid reaching this limit. For most customers, we recommend starting with a page size of 10.

Cursors and Pages

As described above, a cursor must be used to iterate over the data. However, if you provide an incremented page number (starting at 0) in your requests, then the Explore API will perform some basic arithmetic to respond with convenience values such as first and last.

Example Product

    "brand": "YOPLAIT",
    "distributor": "YOPLAIT USA, INC.",
    "importedBy": "",
    "manufacturer": "",
    "netWeight1": "6 oz",
    "netWeight2": "170 g",
    "netWeight3": "",
    "productSize": "6 oz",
    "productSize2": "170 g",
    "productSize3": "",
    "productTitle": "ORIGINAL LOW FAT YOGURT",
    "productId": 4646052,
    "productType": "Food",
    "upc": "070470464916",
    "dateCreated": "2018-04-16T00:00:00.000+0000",
    "dateLive": "2018-05-03T18:22:11.000+0000"

Spec Example

We treat Specs in a very dynamic fashion - we are constantly adding new "standard" Specs and also custom ones for our customers. We treat Specs as an object (map) and a specific Spec name is used as a key within the object.

"specs": {
  "allergensAndIntolerances": [
          "segment": "Allergens",
          "characteristic": "Egg Containment",
          "value": "Not Applicable"
          "segment": "Allergens",
          "characteristic": "Fish Containment",
          "value": "Fish Free"

Other available Data

Below are just a few examples of other data that we can provide via the API.

  • Product Categorization
  • Nutrient Fact Panels (and nutrients)
  • GTIN Formats
  • Nutrients per RACC
  • Serving Information
  • Warnings