The SmartLabel API is for customers to integrate their systems with SmartLabel data via RESTful APIs. The SmartLabel API returns data from published products with live SmartLabel pages. Once a product is published, it will become available to be queried in the SmartLabel API. Likewise, if a product is retired, it will be removed from the SmartLabel API.


In addition to the standard x-api-key required by Label Insight Authentication, the SmartLabel API also requires the presence of access-key provided in the request path.


Need Credentials?

Don't have an x-api-key or access-key for the SmartLabel API? We'd be happy to get you some! Reach out via the Contact Us link above or to your Customer Success contact!

Rate Limiting

The default rate limit for the SmartLabel API is 5 requests per second and 150,000 requests per month.