contentListA list of Delta API Events.
lastBooleanIndicates if iteration over the list of products is complete if page is also provided.
firstBooleanIndicates if this is the first "page" if the page is also provided.
sizeIntegerNumber of products requested.
numberOfElementsIntegerNumber of products returned in this response.
totalPagesIntegerTotal number of pages.
totalElementsIntegerTotal number of products.

Delta Event

ParameterSub FieldTypeDescription
productIdIntegerThe unique numerical identifier assigned by Label Insight for identification purposes.
upcStringUPC of the product as listed on the package.
eventENUM (ADDED/MODIFIED/REMOVED)Indicates if a product has been added, removed, or modified.
timestampTimestampThe timestamp that this event occurred.
contentObjectThe JSON object containing the delta information
PATCHObjectDEPRECATED A JSON Patch ( object representing the exact changes on a product
PRODUCTObjectThe exact product at this time as it would be returned from the Data API
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