The Delta API provides a mechanism for tracking what products have been modified over a period of time. The API provides the information necessary to track product-level changes without having to re-ingest the entire API. Further, the Delta API provides the most accurate way to know when products have changed since last ingestion.

Event Descriptions


Indicates that a new productId was created in the Label Insight database. There are typically two scenarios where this would occur: 1) a new UPC was submitted to Label Insight; 2) a newer version of an existing UPC was submitted to Label Insight. In the second scenario, the “ADDED” event would have a corresponding “REMOVED” event for the older productId.


Indicates that there has been a change to an existing UPC within our system that did not result in the addition of a new productId. The JSON Patch feature can be used to determine the exact modification.


Indicates that a productId has been removed from the Label Insight database. The most common scenarios where this would occur are: 1) a newer version of an existing UPC was submitted to Label Insight which resulted in the addition of a new productId and the removal of an older productId; 2) an existing UPC was discontinued by the manufacturer