The SmartLabel (SL) API is for customers to integrate their systems with SL data via RESTful APIs. The SL API returns data from published products with live SmartLabel pages. Once a product is published, it will become available to be queried in the SL API. Likewise if a product is retired, it will be removed from the SL API.

Getting Started

Access Keys

You will need two keys to access the SL API. These keys will be provided to you by your Customer Success contact. Authentication is accomplished by setting the X-API-KEY in the request header.

Authorization is done via an org-key that is specified in the request path. The SL API is not accessible without these keys.


Need Credentials?

Don't have an x-api-key or access-key for the SmartLabel API? We'd be happy to get you some! Reach out via the Contact Us link above or to your Customer Success contact!

Rate Limiting

The default rate limit for the SL API is 5 requests per second.

Supported HTTP Methods

The SL API currently supports the GET method. The GET method is used to
retrieve data only and will never cause an update or change to the
underlying data.

Response Code Reference

Response codes are relatively simple for this API. 200 is a success and various 400s indicate issues with the request.

Each endpoint describes their own responses, but generally:

Response CodeDescription
400The request is missing key information or is malformed.
403Invalid API key, missing X-API-KEY header, or invalid URL.
404The requested information cannot be found.