The Push API feature enables data updates to flow to destinations in real-time. Custom Integrations allow customers to quickly and easily integrate Label Insight data into their systems.
Enabling Custom Integrations require an upfront consultation with the Label Insight team.

Available Destinations

  • Label Insight Hosted SFTP

    • Label Insight will push products to a Label Insight hosted SFTP server.
    • User emails and public SSH keys must be provided by the customer before access will be granted.
  • Custom Integrations

    • A RESTful endpoint Label Insight can send data (POST, PUT, etc)

    • Customer Hosted SFTP

    • S3 Bucket

    • HTTP

    • Have a different destination need? Our team is happy to discuss further.

    • Note: Label Insight provides a Push API Questionnaire to gather basic requirements for all Custom Integrations.

Supported Authentication Protocols

  • OAuth 2.0
  • API Key with secret

Push Event Triggers

On a product by product basis, data flows from Label Insight to customer destinations. The following events trigger real-time pushes.

  • Initial Launch: Upon initial launch, all licensed products are pushed to your destination.
  • New Product: Any new product falling within the licensing agreement.
  • Product Data Update: Any licensed product receiving an update reflected in your schema.
  • Schema Update: Schema updates resulting in product data differences.

Optional Features


Interested in receiving multiple products in a single JSON file? Let our team know you prefer batches.


Interested in receiving multiple JSON files zipped into 1 zip file? Let our team know you prefer zipping.


While the recommended integration is real-time, we also support scheduled pushes such as daily, weekly, monthly, and more. Let our team know if you have a preferred delivery schedule!